Software Development

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions.
2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.
3. Content Management System (CMS) Solutions.
4. E-Learning, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment.
5. Travel, Inventory and Billing Module. Clients Requirements.

Web Designing and Development

We develop all type of Web Portal and Dynamic and Static Websites.

1. Enterprise and Business Identity Web Portals.
2. Company and Institute Management Web Portals.
3. E Commerce, ERP Web and Online Billing Payments Portals etc.

Mobile App Development

1. Mobile App Development for Android Platform.
2. Mobile App Development for Iphone on iOS Platform.
3. Mobile App Development for Window and Blackberry Platform.

Digital Marketing/E-Marketing

We give the Digital Marketing/E-Marketing service promotional support to improve clients Business.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Promotional and Transactional BULK SMS, Promotional E-Mails.
2. Public Campaigns, Advertisements and offers.
3. Social Media Marketing.

Data Security and Backup

We provide the Data Security and Backup services. We keep your data safe and take the backup of your data on regular time gap. We provide the Security of data from critical threat.

Application Maintenance Testing and QA

We provide the Modification/Correction/Add/Remove function from existing software application. We also provide the application Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services.

Telecom Solution

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions.
2. Customer Care Services on IVR.
3. Messaging etc.


We provide some other services also.

1. Domain Booking and Hosting Services.
2. Online Technical Support.
3. Online Bill Payment Gateway.